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Get Started - Steps to download Office Setup

Office Setup Activation will provide you latest application to communicate and manage your documents. To download and install microsoft office from Enter your 25 digit product key to get your office setup. office setup product key is mandatory to activate microsoft office.

Where to find office setup product key?

office product key

Office setup product key is important to activate, you can find the licensed product key from Microsoft store or amazon store or you can buy it from a retail store as well, this office product key is a 25 character in alphanumerical form which you will find the backside of the retail card or email ID registered with office account, this 25 digit office setup product key looks like- xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx.

How to download office through

Office setup became very important for every kind of official work, download office setup by following the given steps below:

download install office

How to install office setup?

If you have already used your product key and want to download office, go to and click Install from Microsoft MyAccount else follow below steps for installation

How to activate office setup?

activate office setup

Learn how to activate Microsoft Office 2019 and office 365 on Windows 10 systems using a valid Activation Product Key by following the mentioned steps below:

Microsoft office applications and it's uses

As mentioned above that Microsoft office application gives different types of services, visit its uses by clicking following instructions below:

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Itis one of the most preferred applications in the family of MS Office suites. It is widely recommended as the best platform to create documents, even the content you are reading is prepared on MS Word.

  3. Microsoft PowerPoint
  4. It is the best available platform for working professionals to prepare for a remarkable presentation. It helps them to add designs, pamphlets, text patterns and many more.

  5. Microsoft Excel
  6. It is a spreadsheet application that is widely recommended for its quality features that simplify the process of keeping records, making charts and graphs and calculations.

  7. Microsoft Outlook
  8. It is an email application that most of the professionals preferred as the most suitable and safest platform to send, receive and share emails and data.

  9. Microsoft Access
  10. It is a database application in the family MS Office suites. It is even better than MS Excel when it comes to keeping records and preserving them for long.

Office setup troubleshooting

office support

If you are facing any kind of problems while downloading, installing and activating office, so you can feel free to contact us for office setup, we provide 24*7 and 365 days support. We have well trained and knowledged team to resolve all your issues without wasting your time, contact us to get instant support anytime and anywhere.